Computaz Systems Limited is a fully fledged and duly registered company dealing in provision of the full range of ICT solutions, Satellite tracking and consultancy services. The firm is based in Nairobi with a client base covering the region of Eastern Africa. This has led to several leading global associates giving us mandate to represent their products and services in the region as well. Computaz Systems Limited is highly rated within the industry as it continues to reflect immense corporate ability, superior client care and quality and efficient service with a personal touch.


We have partnered with a Swiss company that deals with designing and producing hardware and software cryptographic systems that secure the digital infrastructure. We offer Primus Hardware Security Modules (HSM) that secure digital keys used in relation with banking transactions, identity and access management, digital signature, key management, and much more. Combined with the Transaction Security Broker it allows to build systems based on multi-authorization that will match the highest enterprise standards for security, compliance and flexibility. In addition, the Imunes Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) allows for secure execution of programs like policy engines, whitelisting services, etc.

We focus at being the regions most preferred Renewable Energy, Solar Lighting, ICT, Satellite Tracking and related Security solutions provider. We provide cutting-edge customer focused renewable, Information & Telecommunication solutions emphasizing on Security. We have a close and enduring relationship with our clients based on the commonly recognized goal of client satisfaction. For inquiries, questions or if you want to get to know about our products and services please send as an inquiry, questions or even book us today.


You can give us a call, sent us an email, visit our office or fill the contact us form and we will get in touch immediately.